European Luxury River Cruises

Why Choose CroisiEurope River Cruises?

That’s a good question as most of us would probably like to know which is the best river cruise line to use when thinking about that well deserved holiday.

Well, for one thing, looking at a cruise operator’s past history would be helpful. Finding some good reviews would be even better, and that’s where CroisiEurope ticks all the boxes.


Europe’s Largest River Cruise Line

Europe’s Largest and most experienced River Cruise Line has paved the way for river cruising since 1976 on some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe.


CroisiEurope have dedicated  staff of almost 1,350 people, whose knowledge, attentiveness and professionalism ensures that your voyage will always be an absolute joy. CroisiEurope staff and crews also speak English, and many of them speak other major European languages as well. So you’ll be in the heart of European culture and charm, but you’ll always be able to find someone who understands you.



All Inclusive River Cruise Value for Money

You can enjoy a  CroisiEurope river cruise for so much less but still have it all. In other words, everything you would get on other cruises but for less cost to you.




They are able to do this because they are an independent, family-owned business and  take care of everything in the fleet from beginning to end. Be it the design and building of the ship to creating cruise itineraries, sales and marketing management, fleet maintenance, purchasing and training, CroisiEurope do it all.

You will find experienced and friendly staff and crew, comfortable cabins and beds, reliable and safe ships, excellent food, incredible itineraries and a delightful experience of European culture all for less, giving you the  best value for your money.



CroisiEurope is proud to have been a pioneer in eco-friendly practices well before they became standard and their commitment to the environment goes far beyond legal requirements.





  • Ships have been installed with water savers, resulting in a 35% saving in drinking water and a 35% reduction in waste water.
  • All ships are fitted with waste-water disposal systems which are emptied, at stopover points, into designated urban sewerage network and/or water treatment stations so waste is not dumped into our oceans or rivers.
  • The undersides of all our boats are painted with non-polluting components.


  • Ships are equipped with engines that meet the latest and most stringent European pollution control standards, and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Onboard technology allows cruising that minimizes diesel consumption.
  • Systems have been installed that are compatible with on-land electric mains.


  • Many ships are fitted with electricity-saving equipment.
  • Ships are wintered in a river port with stationary generators and high-voltage dockside socket boxes which reduce noise and pollution.


  • Paper, plastic and glass waste is sorted and compacted onboard and then recycled.
  • Waste oils are saved and processed by specialists in port.
  • Biodegradable and green cleaning products are used.


  • Machinery room ventilation is insulated to minimize noise pollution when docked.


  • CroisiEurope is proud to be associated with Imprim’vert, an organization that obliges printers to follow ecological values and processes which protect the environment.
  • All CroisiEurope communication documents are printed on unbleached paper and we use only plant-based inks.


  • CroisiEurope has also initiated a partnership with UNESCO in order to further the sustainable and ecologically sound development of river ports in Africa.


Forthcoming green projects include:

  • Better control of water consumption onboard
  • Reduction of waste by opting for re-useable packaging


Amenities, comfort and friendly service

CroisiEurope’s ships are spacious, bright and clean. Cruises always start with a welcoming cocktail reception where you’ll meet the captain, crew and staff of your ship.   You will then find all of the amenities and comforts which distinguish CroisiEurope’s fleet, and the outstanding and friendly service which is the trademark of staff and crew. 

CroisiEurope chefs on each ship prepare succulent 3-course meals for lunch and dinner which are served in the on board restaurant.




After dinner, retire to your private cabin which is equipped with cruise amenities like air-conditioning, central heating, shower/toilets, satellite TV, safe, hairdryers 220 V electrical outlets — and each gives you wonderful views of the river.




All ships offer a lounge for your enjoyment and relaxation.





The sun deck of each boat offers a panoramic view of the landscape’s beauty as you cruise.



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