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MS Amadeus Silver II

The ‘m/s AMADEUS Silver II’ will enter into service in April 2015 and will increase the fleet of this Austrian shipping company to a total of 12 vessels in Europe and 2 vessels on the rivers of Asia. The sister vessel ‘m/s AMADEUS Silver’, built in 2013, served as a conceptual design model for the new vessel. The ‘m/s AMADEUS Silver’ is in high demand on the international market and thanks to its innovative design, was named the ‘River boat of the year 2013’ last year by the renowned German ‘Kreuzfahrt Guide’ label. The ‘AMADEUS Silver II’ is the second 135m vessel in the AMADEUS fleet and will continue the success of its sister vessel as well as implementing both new and familiar concepts: The public areas popular with the passengers, for example the classic ‘Café Vienna’ and outdoor glass-sheilded ‘River Terrace’, have been incorporated into the planning of the new boat. The cabin design plans are a new and forward-thinking part of the company’s premium focus: the original cabin number of 90 will be reduced to 84 in order to create more space for larger cabins and public areas. In future, the cabin bathrooms will offer more space and special luxury furnishings.


MS Amadeus Princess

With its remarkable sense of style, elegance and grace, the AMADEUS Princess beckon you to travel on a sophisticated and luxurious journey: There is the imposing reception area, the bright and airy cabins and suites offering splendid views of the passing scenery, and the outstanding wellness area with fitness room and Vital Club.


MS Amadeus Royal

The AMADEUS Royal was launched in 2005 and is a premium passenger vessel fitted out with all imaginable refinements. The cabins on the Mozart-Deck, for instance, have special panoramic windows providing incomparable views of the breadth of the river


MS Amadeus Brilliant

The m/s AMADEUS Brilliant joined the innovative AMADEUS fleet in April 2011. This distinctive river cruiser follows Lüftner’s familiar river vessel design, being similar to its sister ship the AMADEUS Elegant: the AMADEUS ships stand out particularly for their high standards of design and their first-class interior decor as well for the carefully selected itineraries and professionally organised shore programmes to which they are allocated.


MS Amadeus Elegant

The m/s AMADEUS Elegant, which had its debut in April 2010, certainly lives up to its name: with the famous pointed bow, and measuring 110 m in length and 11.4 m in breadth the newest flagship fits in perfectly with the traditional elegance of the majestic AMADEUS fleet.

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