European Luxury River Cruises

Sail Away with AmaWaterways!

Peaceful, relaxing and scenic, river cruising with AmaWaterways offers a gentle and smooth ride along the world’s most breathtaking waterways. Outstanding comfort and convenience make it the supreme way to experience some of the worlds most magnificent cities and historic towns and villages . From your stateroom balcony, witness the amazing natural beauty that surrounds you as you sail from place to place along these magical rivers.


 Since 2002, AmaWaterways has earned a proud reputation as the premier river cruise line operating on the world’s most scenic waterways.

 More people than ever before are embracing the river cruise experience, eager to see the world in a fresh new way.


Experience the excitement of waking up in a new town, not far from pretty markets, amazing museums and fascinating landmarks. Ama ships rest close to the town center so you can easily sample local the culture and charm of each place. Simply walk off the ship and into the heart of the city and have a truly fabulous time.

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AmaWaterways expert chefs create culinary masterpieces that highlight regional cultures and traditions. This sumptuous cuisine together with wonderful regional wines and attentive service make a truly outstanding dining experience! Combine this with a sophisticated, stylish and beautiful setting to experience a river cruise like no other!

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Over the course of your journey, you will be surrounded by sumptuous rolling vineyards, enchanting hilltop castles and fascinating time-honoured cities. 

Feast your eyes on all this beauty whilst relaxing in the most luxurious way possible.

So, rain or shine, night or day, sail the AmaWaterwats way!


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