European Luxury River Cruises

Living the dream on a once in a lifetime river cruise tour.

Oh, to be young again with your whole life in front of you and the thought of middle age a good distance away. I don’t mean to sound morbid but my imminent arrival into middle age has got me thinking all kinds of whimsical thoughts regarding ‘living the dream’ or at least a little excitement to break the days up ( there I go again).

My first thought is to do a bit of travelling, maybe see some of the world and experience different cultures. However, as I’m now getting on a bit, I also want a bit of relaxation time as well. In fact I want the best of both worlds – a bit of excitement as well as a bit of a rest (not asking for much am I). Anyway, it’s now occurred to me that the type of travel I will need is something along the lines of a coach tour or cruise as I’ve heard you can both relax as well as explore on these types of trips.

Looking further into these two possibilities, I browse the internet for websites that cater for both these types of holidays and come across a very good one River Cruise that offers very attractive river cruises as opposed to your usual large cruise ships which travel the sea.

One in particular interests me as they are offering a free case of wine with every booking ha, ha. Its called the Viking Grand European Tour and travels along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, visiting some of the most beautiful places to be found in Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.


It begins in Amsterdam and ends 15 days later in Budapest. This amazing river cruise also has all-inclusive pricing which includes 13 guided tours, 14 breakfasts, 13 lunches and 14 dinners, as well as complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with on board lunch and dinner – WOW. That’s it, I’ve convinced myself this is the once in a lifetime trip to go on – bon voyage my friends!

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