European Luxury River Cruises

Continental Christmas Cruises!


Oh, to dream of  a continental Christmas!

Surely there can be no better way to spend your time during the Christmas period than soaking up the amazing atmosphere on a continental Christmas market.





What could be even better is to experience all theses wonderful places while sailing from port to port on a festive river cruise ship!



Winter is a wonderful and magical time of year in Europe, with fairytale, snow-topped castles and mountains, and a wonderful festive spirit everywhere. Their Christmas markets are filled with the scents of gingerbread and warm spicy gluwein, their stalls and shops are aplenty with gifts and traditional Christmas ware, and the tunes of traditional carols can be heard from afar. So enjoy a relaxing festive season with no rush, no stress, just the anticipation of Europe’s most enchanting destinations on a river cruise!




Sail the Danube, Main or Rhine Rivers, stopping along the way to explore magnificent Christmas Markets. Admire the festive hand-crafted wooden toys, sparkling baubles, gifts, arts and crafts. Enjoy the heady aroma of hot mulled wine, savour the taste of honey-roasted almonds and cinnamon cookies and indulge in delicious festive treats such as soft gingerbread, tasty spiced biscuits and perhaps try delicious local specialities such as glühwein, sweet svarene vino or savoury Bratwurst – yum!







You can’t get any better for picture postcard perfection than a continental Christmas market, and you certainty can’t do it in a more relaxing way than on a continental river cruise!

My River Cruise Revelation!

It has to be said that upon hearing about river cruises I was intrigued.

Serenade 2 Riviera Travel 2 900 599 84 s RIVIERA TRAVEL   Rhine Cruise to Switzerland   8 days, River Cruise Tours

A Riviera cruise to Switzerland



In fact, more than intrigued – I wanted to know every thing about this new revelation in sailing.

People who had been on one were telling me that the luxury was second to none and that relaxing was a big part of this type of holiday – just what I wanted!

DDD 6835def3 2659722004 O Shakespeare Cabin 900 600 84 s Riviera MS William Shakespeare, River Cruise Tours

Luxury accommodation

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a more adventurous holiday and have experienced many in the past, but this river cruising lark sounded like you could combine the both – adventure and relaxation!

Well, after many hours of extensive browsing and getting insider information( that’s looking at reviews to me and you) I realized that this type of holiday was ideal and wanted to book one NOW!

The food on these types of cruises look delicious and most have complimentary free drinks including wine!

Dining 679 200 s Riviera MS Lord Byron, River Cruise Tours

Fine dining

There is plenty of  sightseeing and visits to do on land, but the best bit is the way you can take in the most outstanding and picturesque scenery while just laying back and relaxing on the river cruise ship ( a bit different to a cruise liner).

I also found that there are plenty of rivers to cruise along as well – cruise the legendary Rhine and Maine, sail along the captivating DanubeMoselle and Elbe, take a journey along the SeineDouro and the enchanting Dutch Waterways. – WOW!

So, in a nutshell, on a river cruise you get fine dining, complimentary wine and beer, amazing accommodation, breathtaking scenery and that all important relaxation – just what the doctor ordered!!

Relax the Riviera Way!

Ever fancied experiencing the magical charms of the Moselle and Rhine Valleys, with their majestic river bends, imposing castles and picture perfect postcard villages?


Always wanted to see the astonishing Heidelberg and half-timbered Strasbourg, iconic cities like Cologne, the natural beauty of the Black Forest and the outstanding Swiss Alpine scenery?




Or indulged in thoughts of the Danube River savouring the delights of Vienna, Bratislava, Salzburg, Esztergom and Budapest?




Lovers of France may want to experience the spectacular Rhone Valley and take in its world renowned Burgundy vineyards, the enchanting wildness of the Ardèche gorges and the sun-kissed hills of Provence.






On the other hand, the Seine takes you to romantic Paris through timeless impressionist countryside to medieval Rouen, historic Bayeux and the D-Day Normandy beaches.




Germany’s Elbe river snakes through  historic Berlin, baroque Dresden and enchanting Prague.





If Portugal takes your fancy, then there’s the dramatic Douro to explore, with Oporto and Salamanca just waiting to be discovered.




Amsterdam and the Dutch bulbfields combine a rich mediaeval history with world-class art and breathtaking floral displays.




The best way to see all the above?

Well, you can’t beat a river cruise, and more importantly, you just cannot beat a Riviera river cruise

The reason I know is that I am a travel consultant and can see for myself which cruise line is the most popular at any given time!

At the moment Riviera is leading the race and it’s not hard to see why.

 Published in June 2013, the most notable Which? Magazine voted Riviera Travel one of the UK’s finest Holiday Companies and awarded them their coveted

‘Recommended Provider’ status. Late last year, they improved their ranking in the ‘Guardian and Observer’ Travel Awards, achieving second place in the ‘Best

Large Tour Operator’ category and in the prestigious ‘Telegraph Travel Awards’ were voted their second ‘Favourite Escorted Tour Operator’ and second

‘Favourite River Cruise Operator’ – wow, like I said, takes some beating!



One of Riviera’s outstanding ships!



Standard cabin!


Bar area!


Even a gym for those wanting to keep their fitness levels up!

 So Europe is waiting and Riviera Travel can’t wait to show what all the fuss is about and provide you with the most memorable holiday you will ever experience!!

Ocean or River Cruise – You Choose!


Some people absolutely love the big ocean cruise ships that can take them to nearly every part of the world to visit and explore while enjoying the vast services and entertainment provided. 


On the other hand, some other people would also relish the thought of a much more intimate experience, a voyage on a much smaller scale but also one where every need is catered for.

This is where a provider that can cover both types of experience is needed. That said, please enter Cruise & Maritime Voyages who are part of the CMV Holdings London Travel & Leisure Group and provide both the opportunity to travel in immense style on both their chartered cruise ships and newly appointed river cruise ship. 






The introduction of Signature River Cruises has allowed for a more leisurely way of travelling to your favourite destinations. You can sail on the wonderful Vienna I for a series of 7 and 14 night scenic cruising holidays on the beautiful Rhine and Danube rivers.

 Vienna I is a premium plus river ship which can carry just 164 guests in style and comfort whilst enjoying excellent service standards and delicious cuisine. This means a more intimate experience and truly relaxing way to travel. 


All you have to do is unpack once and then look forward to enjoying the ever-changing panorama as you glide past beautiful scenery, elegant cities and quaint owns in the comfort of your floating hotel. 





Ocean or river cruise –  the choice is yours, made all the easier by cruise companies willing to listen to what people want and providing a choice!  

 Sail on a big ocean cruise liner and have an absolutely fab time or enjoy a  river cruise on a more intimate relaxed level – the choice is truly yours!


Living the dream on a once in a lifetime river cruise tour.

Oh, to be young again with your whole life in front of you and the thought of middle age a good distance away. I don’t mean to sound morbid but my imminent arrival into middle age has got me thinking all kinds of whimsical thoughts regarding ‘living the dream’ or at least a little excitement to break the days up ( there I go again).

My first thought is to do a bit of travelling, maybe see some of the world and experience different cultures. However, as I’m now getting on a bit, I also want a bit of relaxation time as well. In fact I want the best of both worlds – a bit of excitement as well as a bit of a rest (not asking for much am I). Anyway, it’s now occurred to me that the type of travel I will need is something along the lines of a coach tour or cruise as I’ve heard you can both relax as well as explore on these types of trips.

Looking further into these two possibilities, I browse the internet for websites that cater for both these types of holidays and come across a very good one River Cruise that offers very attractive river cruises as opposed to your usual large cruise ships which travel the sea.

One in particular interests me as they are offering a free case of wine with every booking ha, ha. Its called the Viking Grand European Tour and travels along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, visiting some of the most beautiful places to be found in Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.


It begins in Amsterdam and ends 15 days later in Budapest. This amazing river cruise also has all-inclusive pricing which includes 13 guided tours, 14 breakfasts, 13 lunches and 14 dinners, as well as complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with on board lunch and dinner – WOW. That’s it, I’ve convinced myself this is the once in a lifetime trip to go on – bon voyage my friends!

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