European Luxury River Cruises

Ocean or River Cruise – You Choose!


Some people absolutely love the big ocean cruise ships that can take them to nearly every part of the world to visit and explore while enjoying the vast services and entertainment provided. 


On the other hand, some other people would also relish the thought of a much more intimate experience, a voyage on a much smaller scale but also one where every need is catered for.

This is where a provider that can cover both types of experience is needed. That said, please enter Cruise & Maritime Voyages who are part of the CMV Holdings London Travel & Leisure Group and provide both the opportunity to travel in immense style on both their chartered cruise ships and newly appointed river cruise ship. 






The introduction of Signature River Cruises has allowed for a more leisurely way of travelling to your favourite destinations. You can sail on the wonderful Vienna I for a series of 7 and 14 night scenic cruising holidays on the beautiful Rhine and Danube rivers.

 Vienna I is a premium plus river ship which can carry just 164 guests in style and comfort whilst enjoying excellent service standards and delicious cuisine. This means a more intimate experience and truly relaxing way to travel. 


All you have to do is unpack once and then look forward to enjoying the ever-changing panorama as you glide past beautiful scenery, elegant cities and quaint owns in the comfort of your floating hotel. 





Ocean or river cruise –  the choice is yours, made all the easier by cruise companies willing to listen to what people want and providing a choice!  

 Sail on a big ocean cruise liner and have an absolutely fab time or enjoy a  river cruise on a more intimate relaxed level – the choice is truly yours!


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