European Luxury River Cruises

My River Cruise Revelation!

It has to be said that upon hearing about river cruises I was intrigued.

Serenade 2 Riviera Travel 2 900 599 84 s RIVIERA TRAVEL   Rhine Cruise to Switzerland   8 days, River Cruise Tours

A Riviera cruise to Switzerland



In fact, more than intrigued – I wanted to know every thing about this new revelation in sailing.

People who had been on one were telling me that the luxury was second to none and that relaxing was a big part of this type of holiday – just what I wanted!

DDD 6835def3 2659722004 O Shakespeare Cabin 900 600 84 s Riviera MS William Shakespeare, River Cruise Tours

Luxury accommodation

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a more adventurous holiday and have experienced many in the past, but this river cruising lark sounded like you could combine the both – adventure and relaxation!

Well, after many hours of extensive browsing and getting insider information( that’s looking at reviews to me and you) I realized that this type of holiday was ideal and wanted to book one NOW!

The food on these types of cruises look delicious and most have complimentary free drinks including wine!

Dining 679 200 s Riviera MS Lord Byron, River Cruise Tours

Fine dining

There is plenty of  sightseeing and visits to do on land, but the best bit is the way you can take in the most outstanding and picturesque scenery while just laying back and relaxing on the river cruise ship ( a bit different to a cruise liner).

I also found that there are plenty of rivers to cruise along as well – cruise the legendary Rhine and Maine, sail along the captivating DanubeMoselle and Elbe, take a journey along the SeineDouro and the enchanting Dutch Waterways. – WOW!

So, in a nutshell, on a river cruise you get fine dining, complimentary wine and beer, amazing accommodation, breathtaking scenery and that all important relaxation – just what the doctor ordered!!

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