European Luxury River Cruises

Extraordinary Easter Surprises!

Keukenhof  is situated in Lisse, in the Netherlands and is the world’s second largest flower garden, covering an area of approximately 80 acres!


The flowers can be viewed from mid-March to Mid-May with the tulips in full flower in mid-April.




There are many ways to view these stunning gardens and flowers, with a relaxing river cruise possibly being the most luxurious way to go.

Viking River Cruises embark on a fabulous 10 day river cruise called ‘Tulips and Windmills’ which ticks all the boxes for a truly amazing experience!



Avalon Waterways also do a great 8 day ‘Tulips of Northern Holland’ river cruise which spans a round trip from Amsterdam to Amsterdam along the stunning Dutch waterways. As you can see on the map below, there are a lot of places you get to visit.





Riviera Travel have a wonderful shorter 5 day river cruise called ‘Amsterdam, Volendam & the Dutch Bulbfields’. It may be shorter, but on this river cruise you still get to see Amsterdam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Zuiderzee, Volendam, and of course,  Keukenhof Gardens. Add to this the remarkable and wonderfully elegant five-star MS Lord Byron river cruise ship to sail on, and you can’t go far wrong.




Passionate about Riviera Travel!




The Unique Riviera Style

Riviera Travel prides itself on its unique style in tour operating – a real passion for travel and a truly relaxing ambiance on each of its river cruises!

Stunning scenery and enchanting riverside ports, elegant towns and grand cities – there’s so much to enjoy on a Riviera four and five star river cruise.

The superb ships are some of the very finest in the world and are waiting to take you on your enchanting journey.

One of the most recent ships to be built is the magnificent and wonderfully elegant five-star MS Jane Austen. Built in 2014, this extraordinary vessel is

truly one of the finest ships of its type afloat anywhere in the world today!






Quite simply, every single aspect and element is designed to the highest possible specification with no expense spared to provide the most luxurious

comfort, including a choice of cabins with full hotel-style beds to find the perfect sleeping position, plus the finest crisp cotton bed linen and down-filled





Deluxe cabin



You’ll feel the unmistakable understated opulence of this outstanding Riviera vessel as you board through the spacious, marble-floored lobby.







Beautifully crafted hardwoods and wrought iron, highly polished copper and brass and soft leather furnishings, all combine to create a truly

extraordinary chic ambiance of exceptional taste.



Lord-Byron-Riviera-Travel-Lounge_735_450_84_int_c1 (1)




The heart of the ship is the  magnificent panoramic observation lounge with wonderful views through floor to ceiling windows of the ever-changing

landscape as you move along the river. You’ll adore the luxury feel, the genteel ambiance, the rich carpeting, the marble-tiled bar and the choice of

sumptuous leather armchairs and soft modern settees.



Lounge bar


Have a gentle dance on the purpose-designed dance floor, or just relax in the peaceful Lido Bar at the rear of the ship, ideal to while away an hour on a

comfortable terrace absorbing the sights and sounds of Europe’s great rivers.



Lord-Byron-Riviera-Travel-Lido-Bar_1000_667_84_int (1)

Lido bar


Fine dining will be a highlight of your river cruise experience, with cuisine of the absolute highest order prepared by dedicated, professional chefs.  In the

main restaurant you will receive attentive service with just four or six people at most tables, whilst surrounded by the luxury decor evident throughout

the ship.




Main restaurant

If that’s not enough, another very special feature of the MS Jane Austen is its purpose-designed and extensive spa. The beautifully equipped spa can even be

reserved for your private use to take a sauna or use the steam room. There is also an onboard hairdresser in case you fancy a cut and blow dry!




Luxury sauna and spa



 All in all, Riviera Travel’s river cruises are quite simply extraordinary – a truly wonderfully relaxing and comfortable way to explore the beautiful waterways of Europe and beyond.



Amazing Amadeus River Cruising!



The family-run company, AMADEUS River Cruises prides itself on taking exceptional care of its guests from the moment you step onboard your AMADEUS ship, until the end of your wonderful cruise. The ships offer modern elegance in a light and spacious atmosphere, combining fine Austrian gourmet dining that includes plentiful wine at dinner, served by the friendly and professional crew who are always there to help.


Hallmarks of the splendid AMADEUS fleet include:



Sit back in total relaxation and watch the river and unfolding landscapes from your river cruise ship’s cabin window.  The cabin windows have unrestricted views of the scenery through wide, glass panoramas while many cabins feature a French balcony (sliding glass windows) that spans the width of the cabin.





Travel brings people together, so on your AMADEUS cruise, you will be enjoying travelling over land and water with like-minded people. You can talk, admire beautiful scenery and simply share pleasures with people you get to know and make friends with onboard your ship, friendships that may go on to last a lifetime.




Exercise and relaxation, variety and calm, these are the alternations that characterize each day you spend on an AMADEUS cruise. Start the morning with a visit to the fitness studio or join an exercise class on the sun deck. Alternatively, you can relax completely by treating yourself to a massage or make an appointment with the hairdresser. Later, lounge on the sun deck with a good book, soaking in the scenery floating slowly by, or get to chatting to other passengers over coffee and cakes. 




Step aboard an AMADEUS vessel  and taste everything that the landscapes, regions, and the adventurous head chef have to offer! Delight in carefully composed menus and local specialities that combine modern haute cuisine with a more traditional approach. Add to this recommended and selected wines that go perfectly with each dish. Each plate that leaves an AMADEUS kitchen is a work of art that makes dinner the crowning glory of each day of the cruise.




When all said and done, we are only guests on this planet. Therefore, we have to be careful and respectful as we travel – not only towards other peoples and cultures but also in regards to the landscapes and regions through which we journey. Using few of the river landscapes natural resources as possible, AMADEUS are the only river cruiser line in Europe that is entitled to proclaim being awarded the ecological “Green Certifications” stamp of quality.



Portuguese Paradise!


 Portugal is one of the most beautiful places you can visit on earth. Officially called the Portuguese Republic, it can be found in southwest Europe and is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. The country is named after its second largest city, Porto, which is famous for its delicious port wine.



Delicious port


 Portugal’s natural beauty and long history is a huge attraction for people and is one of the 20 most visited countries in the world. Its largest city Lisbon attracts the most tourists but Porto and Northern Portugal near the Douro River valley, has grown quickly in popularity. Sailing down the Douro River on a river cruise is probably one of the best ways to experience this amazing country.



River Cruise Ship


First visit the capital city of Lisbon and see the wonderful architecture and exquisite statues. Begin at Belém and see the Tower of Belém a Hieronymite and the Jerónimos Monastery, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 



Amazing Lisbon


 Next make your way to Porto which sits at the mouth of the Douro River ready to take you on its magical journey. Renowned for its port wine, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and one of the oldest, dating back many centuries. It also has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts more and more new tourists in recent years.



Famous Ports


At Porto you can embark on a river cruise ship to bygone places. The Douro River takes you on a magical journey through a winding easterly course between stunning terraced vineyards, charming town squares, beautiful baroque mansions, majestic castles and historic monasteries.



Majestic castles in Portugal


Some river cruises also take you for a trip to the medieval city of Salamanca in Spain. Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this living museum is quite unique as it is both historical and cosmopolitan at the same time, mixing the ancient with the new in a vibrant multicultural city.





The Portugal experience is a must in your travels across the world. As well as the stunning sights, feast yourself on specialties like salt cod, hearty soups and stews and wash this all down with the sensational port and tawny wines.  To visit Portugal is a wonderful treat, to experience it on a river cruise sailing on the beautiful Douro river is just paradise and will hold special memories for ever.


Why Choose CroisiEurope River Cruises?

That’s a good question as most of us would probably like to know which is the best river cruise line to use when thinking about that well deserved holiday.

Well, for one thing, looking at a cruise operator’s past history would be helpful. Finding some good reviews would be even better, and that’s where CroisiEurope ticks all the boxes.


Europe’s Largest River Cruise Line

Europe’s Largest and most experienced River Cruise Line has paved the way for river cruising since 1976 on some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe.


CroisiEurope have dedicated  staff of almost 1,350 people, whose knowledge, attentiveness and professionalism ensures that your voyage will always be an absolute joy. CroisiEurope staff and crews also speak English, and many of them speak other major European languages as well. So you’ll be in the heart of European culture and charm, but you’ll always be able to find someone who understands you.



All Inclusive River Cruise Value for Money

You can enjoy a  CroisiEurope river cruise for so much less but still have it all. In other words, everything you would get on other cruises but for less cost to you.




They are able to do this because they are an independent, family-owned business and  take care of everything in the fleet from beginning to end. Be it the design and building of the ship to creating cruise itineraries, sales and marketing management, fleet maintenance, purchasing and training, CroisiEurope do it all.

You will find experienced and friendly staff and crew, comfortable cabins and beds, reliable and safe ships, excellent food, incredible itineraries and a delightful experience of European culture all for less, giving you the  best value for your money.



CroisiEurope is proud to have been a pioneer in eco-friendly practices well before they became standard and their commitment to the environment goes far beyond legal requirements.





  • Ships have been installed with water savers, resulting in a 35% saving in drinking water and a 35% reduction in waste water.
  • All ships are fitted with waste-water disposal systems which are emptied, at stopover points, into designated urban sewerage network and/or water treatment stations so waste is not dumped into our oceans or rivers.
  • The undersides of all our boats are painted with non-polluting components.


  • Ships are equipped with engines that meet the latest and most stringent European pollution control standards, and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Onboard technology allows cruising that minimizes diesel consumption.
  • Systems have been installed that are compatible with on-land electric mains.


  • Many ships are fitted with electricity-saving equipment.
  • Ships are wintered in a river port with stationary generators and high-voltage dockside socket boxes which reduce noise and pollution.


  • Paper, plastic and glass waste is sorted and compacted onboard and then recycled.
  • Waste oils are saved and processed by specialists in port.
  • Biodegradable and green cleaning products are used.


  • Machinery room ventilation is insulated to minimize noise pollution when docked.


  • CroisiEurope is proud to be associated with Imprim’vert, an organization that obliges printers to follow ecological values and processes which protect the environment.
  • All CroisiEurope communication documents are printed on unbleached paper and we use only plant-based inks.


  • CroisiEurope has also initiated a partnership with UNESCO in order to further the sustainable and ecologically sound development of river ports in Africa.


Forthcoming green projects include:

  • Better control of water consumption onboard
  • Reduction of waste by opting for re-useable packaging


Amenities, comfort and friendly service

CroisiEurope’s ships are spacious, bright and clean. Cruises always start with a welcoming cocktail reception where you’ll meet the captain, crew and staff of your ship.   You will then find all of the amenities and comforts which distinguish CroisiEurope’s fleet, and the outstanding and friendly service which is the trademark of staff and crew. 

CroisiEurope chefs on each ship prepare succulent 3-course meals for lunch and dinner which are served in the on board restaurant.




After dinner, retire to your private cabin which is equipped with cruise amenities like air-conditioning, central heating, shower/toilets, satellite TV, safe, hairdryers 220 V electrical outlets — and each gives you wonderful views of the river.




All ships offer a lounge for your enjoyment and relaxation.





The sun deck of each boat offers a panoramic view of the landscape’s beauty as you cruise.



Sail Away with AmaWaterways!

Peaceful, relaxing and scenic, river cruising with AmaWaterways offers a gentle and smooth ride along the world’s most breathtaking waterways. Outstanding comfort and convenience make it the supreme way to experience some of the worlds most magnificent cities and historic towns and villages . From your stateroom balcony, witness the amazing natural beauty that surrounds you as you sail from place to place along these magical rivers.


 Since 2002, AmaWaterways has earned a proud reputation as the premier river cruise line operating on the world’s most scenic waterways.

 More people than ever before are embracing the river cruise experience, eager to see the world in a fresh new way.


Experience the excitement of waking up in a new town, not far from pretty markets, amazing museums and fascinating landmarks. Ama ships rest close to the town center so you can easily sample local the culture and charm of each place. Simply walk off the ship and into the heart of the city and have a truly fabulous time.

pic_lifeonboard_excursions_sm1pic_lifeonboard_excursions_sm2pic_lifeonboard_excursions_sm5pic_rivercruisedifference_sm2 (1)

AmaWaterways expert chefs create culinary masterpieces that highlight regional cultures and traditions. This sumptuous cuisine together with wonderful regional wines and attentive service make a truly outstanding dining experience! Combine this with a sophisticated, stylish and beautiful setting to experience a river cruise like no other!

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 018


Over the course of your journey, you will be surrounded by sumptuous rolling vineyards, enchanting hilltop castles and fascinating time-honoured cities. 

Feast your eyes on all this beauty whilst relaxing in the most luxurious way possible.

So, rain or shine, night or day, sail the AmaWaterwats way!


Christmas Day Message from Emerald!




Emerald Waterways, Europe’s newest and brightest river cruise line, are embarking on their biggest ever television ad campaign at the start of 2015. 



The multi-channel advert launches on Christmas day. 






Just before the Queens speech!





It showcases the unique experience and incredible inclusions enjoyed by guests on-board Emerald Waterways’ cutting-edge Star-Ships, which were recently voted ‘Best New River Ship’ in the Cruise Critic Editors’ Pick Awards 2014.




Backed by a ¼ million pound investment, the advert also promotes their January Sale in which guests are entitled to save £1,000 per couple when they book their European river cruise by 30th January 2015.




With over 80% of spaces on-board 2015 cruises already sold out, Emerald Waterways have released new dates and availability on their popular Danube Delights cruise. What’s more, to accommodate exceptional demand, they have also created a new Rhine-Main Discovery cruise that sets sail next summer.


With more amenities and state-of-the-art features than any other river cruise line, Emerald Waterways’ innovative ‘Star-Ships’ are making heads turn by setting a new standard in river ship design. 



GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 092

Keep an eye out for Emerald Waterways’ television advert on channels including ITV, ITV3, More4, Yesterday, Gold and Sky Atlantic.








Amazing Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is such a beautiful and unique place to spend time in.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 155

 You have the endless bikes.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 154

 Super barges and river boats.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 161

 Delightful food and quirky shops!


Amsterdam has a reputation for its nightlife (ie, red-light district) and ‘special cafes’ (ie, cannabis coffee shops) but there is much more to this truly unique place than this.

For a start,  Amsterdam has many more main attractions, including its historic canals, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum,  Amsterdam Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Diamant Museum and Anne Frank House! These places have helped to attract more than 3.6 million visitors a year from all over the world.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 136

Diamant Museum.


The Dutch, and especially in Amsterdam, are known as an open and tolerant people and society. Furthermore, Amsterdam has one of the widest varieties of nationalities of any city in the world with more than  50% deriving from foreign origin.



GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 159

Amsterdam thrives on its diversity.


Amsterdam is also a starting point for many river cruise trips because of its many waterways that branch off to some wonderful destinations.

Amsterdam can be enjoyed in many ways but a river cruise must surely be the most relaxing and luxurious way to enjoy this truly amazing place.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 077

View of the cruise terminal Amsterdam with concert hall and hotel.


Uniworld – Decadent River Cruising!

If you want to experience pure luxury on a river cruise then look no further than Uniworld and its Super Ship (S.S.) Antoinette—probably the most luxurious river cruise ship in the world!

SSAntoinette (1)

Super Ship (S.S.) Antoinette.

This truly amazing ship has it all for a truly  decadent holiday.  

All the suites are uniquely decorated with plush fabrics and cosy bedding. 

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 113

Uniquely decorated suites.

There are also additional amenities and services such as a special butler service; packing and unpacking assistance; in-room breakfast; daily fruit and cookie plate, and an evening amuse-bouche; slippers; private DVD; iPod® docking station; Nespresso coffee machine; refrigerator; bottle of wine upon arrival; and a special dinner in L’Orangerie sky lounge – wow!

Furthermore, the Royal Suite offers extra benefits, including: a separate spacious living room and a bathroom with a separate rain shower and tub, and a secluded toilet and bidet area.

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 118

Special butler service

Public areas include: Salon du Grand Trianon with full-service bar and dance floor:


Le Cinema Pigalle movie theater:

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 101

Le Cinema Pigalle movie theater


Sun deck with the Bar du Leopard and L’Orangerie:

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 110

Bar du Leopard


Bar du Leopard

Restaurant de Versailles:


Restaurant de Versailles

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 121

Super food!

A mosaic-tiled and heated swimming pool designed by the famous South African mosaic tile artist, Jane du Rand; and underwater music  for your enjoyment fitness center, Serenity River Spa, boutique, guest laundry, and elevator.


Swimming area mosaic by South African mosaic tile artist, Jane du Rand

GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 108

Heated pool and spa


Additional ship amenities include: 24-hour reception service, complimentary 24-hour specialty coffee and tea bar, use of bicycles and Nordic walking sticks, and free Internet and Wi-Fi access – fit for a king and queen!


The beautiful S.S. Antoinette at night

Emerald Waterways – the New Generation of River Cruising!

The new generation of river cruising is heading our way and now Emerald Waterways have launched a new fleet of custom-built ‘Star-Ships’ to provide a truly thrilling ride.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 092

Emerald Star, Emerald Sky, Emerald Sun and Emerald Dawn are the new ‘Star-Ships’ designed with an array of spectacular innovations that you wouldn’t normally expect on a river cruise ship.



GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 028



For instance, Emerald ships boast an on-board heated swimming pool with retractable roof and bar. This on-board oasis then transforms into a cinema in the evening showing a collection of classic films and recent releases – taking on-board entertainment to a completely new level.





Your drinking and dining experience on board an Emerald Waterways river cruise is also truly exceptional! Each one of the cruises begins with a Welcome Dinner where you’ll meet other guests, and ends with a Farewell Dinner to share memories with new-found friends. Experienced chefs prepare dishes of the highest quality which reflect the fantastic cuisine Europe has to offer. Every day in the Reflections Restaurant you’ll enjoy a hot and cold buffet for breakfast and lunch with an array of appetisers, main course choices and a collection of sweet treats at the dessert table. Later in the evenings, a four-course dinner serving delicious international and regional dishes is served.


GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 013   GCT_RiverCruiseExpo_2014_Photo_by_Geoff_Monk - 012

 When the weather’s fine, The Terrace at the front of the ship offers a beautiful setting to enjoy alfresco dining. For the perfect start to your day, you can watch the sun rise with your morning tea or coffee and light breakfast. Later, you can also grab a café-style lunch from a choice of pastas, pizzas, soups, sandwiches and fish and chips.





Complimentary tea and coffee are available at all times throughout your cruise. During lunch and dinner a carefully chosen special selection of European red and white wines, local beers and soft drinks are also there for you to enjoy and are included in the price of your holiday.



Last but not least is the amazing accommodation that can be best described as simplistic yet beautifully elegant. The decor and furnishings are just sheer class plus the space is more generous than most other river cruise ships giving you excellent value for money – wow!



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